uPVC Doors and Composite Doors in Yorkshire

Whether you are looking to increase your home’s security, increase energy efficiency or improve the aesthetics of your property a high quality replacement upvc door can address all of these issues. All of our replacement upvc door, patio door and composite door ranges are made-to-measure in our Yorkshire based factory and are fully reinforced for extra strength and longevity. We are able to offer different options to suit all budgets and property styles.

Replacement uPVC External Doors in Yorkshire

uPVC external doors are by far the most popular form of replacement entrance door in the UK. This is due to many reasons, uPVC external doors are noticeably cheaper, more energy efficient and more secure than other replacement door options. There are a wide range of colours, door panels, glass designs and door furniture options to choose from to help you customise your property.

All of our door systems are made to order, however at AWM we recommend the following specification for replacement upvc entrance doors, regardless of chosen style options.

  • Fully reinforced upvc door case frames & sashes

  • Fully reinforced door panels for added security

  • 7-point locking including hook bolts

  • 2D Security door hinges

  • Anti-tamper door handles

  • Anti-snap, anti-drill, anti-bump & anti-pick cylinder locks

  • Installation by a FENSA registered company


Composite Doors Yorkshire

Composite Doors offer a range of benefits over traditional uPVC doors. The noticeable difference are the looks of a a composite door due to the realistic woodgrain effect GRP skins. The woodgrain is made from a fiberglass mould and is then set with an external foil to replicate the features of real wood. Our composite front doors do not require painting like some other doors on the market; in fact no maintenance is required for the entire life of the door.

The energy efficiency of composite doors is better than upvc panel or upvc glass doors. The u-value of our GRP composite door range is 1.2; by far the most efficient door available on the market. This u-value is achieved by use of triple glazing combined with a dense, impact resistant composite core which is a superb insulator.

We recommend our composite doors to be made to the following specifications:

  • Fully reinforced upvc case frame

  • Triple glazed

  • Anti-tamper handles

  • High quality hinges

  • Anti-snap cylinder locks


uPVC French Doors Yorkshire

uPVC French doors are a very popular home improvement; usually installed to the rear elevation of a property, French doors offer a wide opening angle when compared to sliding patio doors and single doors. French doors can be manufactured in a range of widths by the use of side panels, however it is advised to not design the opening over 1800mm in width as the weight of the door sashes may cause problems in future.


uPVC Sliding Patio Doors Yorkshire

Sliding patio doors offer a stylish and practical solution for properties with limited space. External patio doors are ideal for situations providing entrance into a conservatory or orangery as they do not infringe on usable floor space. However patio doors only offer a maximum opening of 50% of the brick aperture.

As some areas of Yorkshire are prone for break-in attempts we recommend the follow specification for upvc external patio door installations in order to increase the security and energy efficiency of the room in which they are to be installed:

  • Fully reinforced outer case frame

  • Fully welded side panels and fanlights

  • High security running gear

  • High security locking mechanisms

  • High security anti-snap cylinder locks


Patio doors are available in 2, 3 and 4 pane variations to suit the specific installation with widths of up to 5.5 meters. At AWM our bespoke sliding patio doors are made in Yorkshire to your required specification. We have 33 colour combinations, endless decorative glass options and a range of security specifications to suit your property and budget.

uPVC Bi Fold Doors Yorkshire

Bi Fold Doors are by far the fastest growing sector in the Yorkshire home improvement industry, this change in the industry has occurred since the introduction of reliable bi fold running gear to the upvc door industry. At AWM we are able to offer thousands of design options for bi folding doors including a range of 33 colour combinations.

When installed in conservatories it is crucial to install a conservatory roof with a  heavy duty ring beam as when the doors are fully retracted the weight of the roof will put added stress onto the bi fold door top rail. The heavy duty ring beam must span the entire elevation in which the bi folding patio door systems are installed.


Bi fold door systems in Yorkshire are available in a range of styles; from 2 segment to 7 segment variations are available and can be made to a maximum width of 6.3 meters. High security cylinder locks and glass are advised due to the area of glass involved; also it is crucial to install A-rated glass in order to keep the property warm in Winter and cool in Summer.

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