Window Design and Double Glazing Design

AWM are highly experienced experts in uPVC window and double glazing design. The following information has ben written in order to help you if you are trying to design new windows and doors for your home.

When installing new uPVC windows it is the perfect time to design your property to make your windows stand out from your neighbours. This can be achieved by choosing a different uPVC window frame colour, installing decorative glass, tinted glass, self cleaning glass or by simply changing the handle colours. Below is just a few of the options that are available a our Yorkshire window factory.

uPVC Woodgrain Window Colours

At our Doncaster window factory we are able to offer 33 different colour combinations for our window profiles. Below is a picture of each of the foils that are available including the 4 'real' woodgrain effects. These beautiful woodgrain upvc windows really do resemble wooden windows but have none of the drawbacks such as window maintenance and security. Visit our coloured windows page for more information.

window design      Double Glazing Design

uPVC Window Furniture

Your choice of window furniture design and colour can make a huge difference to the feel of your property. Some people believe that chrome finishes can make a room feel cold, and that brass will make a room feel warmer. Also some coloured window frames can clash with specific colours of window furniture therefore it is a good idea to research your preferred colours before coming to us for a quotation.

We are able to specify any make or colour of uPVC window furniture including window handles, door hinges, letter plates, low threshold cills and much more. Call us today to book in your design consultation.

uPVC Windows | Glass Options

The choices for decorative double glazing are endless! As all of our decorative glass is made to order by Doncaster Glass it is possible to design your own from scratch or simply show us something that you like on another house and we can replicate the design. Decorative glass can be custom designed to suit your personal preferences or to replicate an existing design. Visit our Decorative Glass page for more information.

Obscure Privacy Glass Options

Obscure glass is often used in both bathrooms and used as backing glass for uPVC entrance doors. Obscure glass, also known as privacy glass, is used to stop people seeing through the glass unit to the inside of the property. A common misconception is that obscure glass limits the amount of light that enters the room; this is not the case. The full amount of light still enters, however the texture on the glass distorts the light so that images cannot be seen.

Chantilly  Charcoal Sticks  Florielle  Minster  Taffeta

Contact us today for more information on double glazing design and uPVC window design. Our highly experienced staff will take you through all the window design options.