uPVC Window Manufacture

All uPVC windows start out as nothing more than plastic powder at the profile extrusion plant, namely unplastisized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC). The plastic powder is then heated up and injected through a mold called a die which means that the PVC then takes its shape; it is then rapidly cooled using water and when the profile reaches 6m lengths it is cut and packaged. The profile manufacturer that we use is Synseal who are based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

We are a Yorkshire based uPVC window fabricator which means that we buy in the 6 meter lengths of window profile, cut them to size and weld the joins to make the completed uPVC windows. We then add window hardware to the frames such as high security locks, window handles and friction stays to hold the openers in place. The glass is made to measure for each individual window to ensure that it looks perfect once installed.

The glass for our uPVC window frames and double glazing is also made in Yorkshire by Doncaster Glass to the highest quality standards available. We are able to supply any specification of double glazing you require; however we recommend installing the highest specification double glazing to achieve the lowest u-value possible. This means that you will save more energy and lose less heat in Winter months.


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Conservatories require large, full reinforced window frames which take more time and materials to manufacture. In our Yorkshire Windows factory all of our conservatories are made to measure by our expert window fabricator using the best machinery available.