Benefits of uPVC Windows

uPVC windows in Doncaster were designed in the 1980's as a replacement for their wooden, steel and aluminium alternatives. The main benefit of PVC windows over other materials is the energy efficiency is far superior to aluminium and steel. This is because PVC is not as conductive as aluminium and steel, meaning that the external temperature is not conducted through the frame and will therefore not reduce the internal temperature.

Wooden frames are a better insulator than aluminium or steel as wood is also not very conductive. PVC is slightly more efficient than wood due to it having several internal air gaps inside the uPVC chambers.

The second benefit of uPVC over other materials is the cost of replacing the windows, wood and aluminium windows will usually cost at least 3 times more than replacement uPVC windows. One reason why people would consider paying the extra for wooden or aluminium windows is because they wanted a custom colour. However now we are able to offer a range of 33 colour options in our uPVC windows, click here to see our range.

uPVC Window Maintenance

Furthermore uPVC is a perfect 'fit and forget' solution for replacement double glazing, where wooden windows will need annual maintenance, uPVC windows require no maintenance at all.

uPVC Windows Sound Insulation

uPVC is by far the best option for replacement double glazing with regards to sound insulation properties. As PVC profiles have several chambers they are able to disturb the sound waves as they try to enter a property. It is also advised to fit laminated glass where external noise is an issue as the laminated glass also helps to break the sound wave and can reduce noise by almost 4dB. This laminated glass is made in Doncaster by Doncaster Glass to the highest specification.

uPVC Security Benefits

A good quality uPVC window is extremely strong if properly welded at each joint. It is recommended to fit sash jammers/excluder devices and laminated glass for the ultimate safety specification. At AWM we manufacture our uPVC windows in Doncaster to the highest security standards and endeavour to advise our customers in all of the above areas before proceeding with a replacement double glazing order.

uPVC Window Benefits        Woodgrain Windows

For more advise on the benefits of uPVC windows or to book in a quotation please contact us to book in a consultation in Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire of Lincolnshire.