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Vertical Sliding Sash Window Installers

upvc sash windows, also known as vertical sliders offer a more traditional and stylish alternative to casement windows or tilt & turn windows. Many properties built in the 1920's through to the 1930's were built with traditional sliding sash windows, typically installed using 'sash boxes'. These sash boxes were the housing for a counter pulley system which was used to take the weight of the sash so that it would not slide back down when open. The sash boxes were usually installed on the internal brickwork and plastered over so that they were not visible from the outside of the property.

Most people in Doncaster with these original sliding sash windows have had them removed once the pulley systems had failed due to the string perishing and meaning that they would become unusable; replacing with wooden sash windows today would be extremely expensive.

So what should people do if they want to to maintain the character of their Doncaster period property but cannot afford replacement wooden sash windows? Simple, they should install upvc sash windows!

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However the new upvc sash windows have no need for sash boxes, they are held in place using sophisticated springs to help lift the sash and hold it in place. The old sash boxes must therefore be converted to give the new upvc window a sound material to fix to because the wood may be rotten behind the plaster which could cause problems. Failing to do so could mean having to remove and refit the new upvc windows in the future which would add even more cost than converting the sash boxes in the first place.

To convert the sash boxes so that they are ready to take new upvc sash windows we can either take out the old wood and build back up with new timber or we can extend the internal brickwork to come inline with the external brickwork. Either option is then covered with plaster board and skimmed.

Sash Window Practicality

Gone are the days when choosing upvc sash windows was to choose fashion over function; now sliding sash windows offer the best of both worlds. Not only do both the top and bottom sashes slide independently, they also both tilt inwards and are able to be held in place with tilt restrictors. This means that sash windows are able to offer both style, security and practicality.

There are also many window colours, glass styles, furniture colours to choose from which allows you to make these special windows even more spectacular. What ever your property style in Sheffield or Doncaster we can design your new uPVC sash windows to compliment your property.

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Sash Windows Doncaster and Sheffield Area

Sash windows in Doncaster are not very common in the suburban areas, however in Doncaster town center almost all properties have at one time had sash windows and almost half of them still do. Balby, in particular, has many properties that were build at the turn of the century which is when they were most popular before casement windows came into production.

Sash windows are extremely common in Sheffield due to the age of the properties. Many properties in Sheffield also have sash bay windows with large wooden corner posts; it is advised to change the corner posts to aluminium reinforced uPVC posts. This sash bay windows conversion means that there will be no future issues with the condition of the wood.

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