French Doors in Doncaster and Sheffield

At AWM Doors in Yorkshire, we manufacture all styles of uPVC French Doors. By far the most popular patio door design that we offer is the traditional uPVC French doors. Many new build estates in Sheffield have French doors installed from new, whereas most people in Sheffield will have to have them retro fitted which can involve additional building work costs.

French doors are also known as French windows; they are characterised by 2 single doors, both hung at opposite ends of the outer case frame. These doors lock into each other when the doors are locked with hook bolts and shoot bolts so that they cannot be prised open.

uPVC French Doors Information

French Door sets are typically used in Doncaster & Sheffield to exit the rear of a house onto a patio area or out into a  conservatory, as standard the doors will open outwards in order to not take up and space inside the house. However in conservatories the French doors inevitably do take up some of the internal space. This is why some people choose sliding patio doors rather than French windows, however sliding patio door systems are only able to provide a 50% opening.

Another alternative to a French door system is to install Bi Fold doors which are able to open as a single door and then fully retract when needed, this allows a full conservatory opening without taking up too much space.

uPVC French Doors | Size Parameters

The maximum practical size for a French door set with no side panels is 1800mm in width; any larger than this and the sashes will eventually drop due to the weight. French doors can be made wider by adding side lights (side panels) on both sides of the doors.

      french doors and toplights


French Doors | Locking Systems

At our Doncaster door factory we only use the highest quality materials and locking systems in the manufacture of our uPVC French doors. Our French doors come complete with Yale Lockmaster 9-point locking systems, Trojan handles, Dynamic 2-D security flag hinges and anti-drill cylinder locks. The 7-point locking consists of 2 hook locks, 2 mushroom head roller cams, 2 dead bolts and shoot bolts.

In high crime areas of Doncaster it is advisable to upgrade to the new UAP Anti-Snap locks for the ultimate security specification.

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uPVC French Doors Doncaster and Sheffield

Feel free to visit us at our Doncaster window and door factory and see our door sets being made, alternatively we are happy to visit you in your property if it is within 50 miles of Doncaster and Sheffield.

AWM are experts in the manufacture and installation of high quality uPVC French Doors in Doncaster and Sheffield. We are able to install our French Doors within a 50 mile radius of Doncaster & Sheffield. Contact Us today to book in your initial design consultation.

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