uPVC Conservatory Benefits | Roof Materials

There are many conservatory material factors to consider if you are planning to build a uPVC Conservatory; from the company that you use to the specification that you choose, everything must be taken into account. This is because even the smallest detail of a conservatory can make a huge difference to both it's lifespan and the overall enjoyment of owning a uPVC conservatory. In the passage below as well as the pages above we aim to pass on our experience to allow you to make an informed decision which hopefully will save you money and make for a more usable living space.

Which Material to Choose for a Conservatory

This is a subject that has been the basis of much debate over the years, some people claim that there is no substitute for wood whereas others prefer the usability and looks of uPVC conservatories. Wooden conservatories are also far more expensive than uPVC conservatories, but it it really worth the additional expense? For instance, in our factory we are able to produce uPVC windows and conservatories that many people mistake for real wood. At AWM in Doncaster we now have over 33 wood grain colour variations for our uPVC conservatories, all of which have none of the drawbacks of wood such as maintenance and production cost.

Conservatory Materials


uPVC windows and doors are extremely durable and if the windows are fitted correctly then they will have a life expectancy of over 25 years. At AWM windows of Doncaster we manufacture our window systems to be as strong as possible which in turn means that you get better value for money as the windows will last longer.

  • Specifications
  • A-Rated 70mm Fully Reinforced Synseal Synerjy uPVC Case Frame & Door Sashes
  • 28mm 4-20-4 A-Rated Soft-Coat Low Emissivity Double Glazing
  • Argon Gas Filled Air Gap
  • High Security Locking systems
  • Excluder Devices
  • Hidden elastin Gaskets
  • Toughened Safety Glass Where Required
  • Internally Glazed

Our uPVC sliding patio doors are made in our Doncaster window and door factory from the highest quality materials available. You can visit us to see examples of our uPVC windows & doors at our factory in Harworth, Doncaster or you can call us to request a visit. AWM are specialists in the design and manufacture of uPVC conservatories.