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Rosewood uPVC Windows & Doors

At AWM Windows we are a manufacturer of Rosewood uPVC windows, doors and conservatories, we supply our windows all over the UK to trade, DIY and public. Rosewood uPVC is a popular choice of true-woodgrain colour for replacement windows and doors, the dark brown profile imitates real wood having true grains and knots. Information and images can be found below, contact us for a quotation or call us for more information.

What is Rosewood uPVC?

We are often asked the question whether our customer's windows and doors are either rosewood or mahogany, there are slight differences between the two colours which is mainly down to the appearance of the grain that runs through the wood effect. Where rosewood uPVC has a swirling wood grain effect with knots and waves, mahogany has much straighter and thicker light streaks running along the length of the profiles.

It is not common to have seen rosewood upvc before the year 2000, in fact it has only become a popular option over the past 5 years. Below are come images of rosewood uPVC window profiles to help you assess if you have rosewood or mahogany profiles.

Rosewood uPVC Windows      Rosewood rain

Rosewood uPVC Windows

All styles of uPVC windows are available in rosewood uPVC including casement, tilt and turn and sliding sash. The woodgrain finish looks and feels like freshly treated wooden windows for the life of the windows with only the need for limited cleaning and maintenance over the life span of the windows.

Cherrywood pvc Windows      Rosewood Windows

Rosewood uPVC and Composite Doors

Both uPVC and composite doors are available in rosewood finish, all styles of upvc doors are available such as single upvc, patio doors, stable doors, decorative door panel and GRP composite doors. The composite door slabs have been made to match the upvc renolit foiled door profiles meaning that a rosewood GRP composite door slab is available with a matching fully reinforced upvc door frame.

Rosewood Composite Door      Cherrywood Composite

Rosewood uPVC Cost

The cost of the rosewood colour is the same as any standard woodgrain such as mahogany or light oak, on average it is between 22 and 30% more on the cost of the upvc products.

Contact us today for more information on our high quality uPVC Rosewood Windows and Doors or call us for a free quotation for supply only or supply and install.

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