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Irish Oak uPVC Windows and Doors

We are a manufacturer of Irish Oak uPVC Windows, Doors and Conservatories as well as 33 other coloured woodgrain options. We supply Irish Oak uPVC windows to the trade and public across the UK and Ireland. Irish Oak windows and doors are the latest fashion for your home improvement, this is mainly due to the true woodgrain colour which is inditinguishable from real meadium character oak.

Irish Oak Doncaster      Irish Oak Window

Irish Oak uPVC Window Information

We manufacture renolit foiled uPVC profiles which are foiled during the extrusion process to bond the foil to the caramel base uPVC. Foiled uPVC is the preferred method of producing coloured woodgrain windows and doors as this method provides an attractive woodgrain finish as well as being extremely durable.

This coloured foil can be applied externally and internally to any base colour of uPVC including white, dark brown, creme and caramel in order to provide the desired finish internally. Due to the colour of the Irish Oak foil most people prefer a caramel base colour as this provides the least contrast.

Irish Oak uPVC


Irish Oak Window Costs

Irish Oak windows are on average 15% more than standard woodgrain profiles uPVC windows and doors due to the increase in both profile cost and wastage during the fabrication process. Fitting price remain the same however if trims and frame extensions are required this can add to the cost.

Price Example

White uPVC Windows: £3000

Mahogany Windows: £3440

Irish Oak Windows: £3806

Click here to view Irish Oak Window Prices: Black Window Costs

Window Specification

  • 70mm fully sculptured Synseal Synerjy uPVC profiles
  • Fully reinforced window case frames and sashes
  • Anti-deterioration gaskets
  • Internally glazed
  • Reverse-cam multi-point locking
  • Trojan Key-locking handles
  • Stainless steel friction stays
  • 4-20-4 28mm low-e A-rated glass units
  • Warm-Edge spacer bars
  • Internal drainage channels

At AWM we are able to manufacture any required window and door specification, above is our recommended specification which is both cost effective and energy efficient.

AWM are a manufacturer and installer of high quality uPVC Windows and Doors. Contact us today for more advice on Irish Oak Windows or for a free quotation. Click here for your free quotation: Window Quotation

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