Energy Efficient Glass | Low-e Double Glazing

Before choosing a company to carry out your installation you must consider which glass to install in your new uPVC windows. Although it is true that installing standard uPVC double glazed windows over traditional single glazed windows will make improvements on both energy efficiency and sound proofing, it is worth looking at different performance levels of double glazed units.

Low-E (low emissivity) glass is designed to retain as much heat as possible by not letting the heat waves escape from your property; different manufacturers of low-E glass have different performance levels which can make a noticeable difference to interior comfort levels. All of our Low-E glass in manufactured by Doncaster Glass who work with us to ensure we are providing the most energy efficient glass and window combinations in Doncaster.

When double glazing first appeared on the UK market, it would have used a 2mm glass with a 4mm air gap and then another 2mm pane of glass. This made a big improvement of the u-value over single glazing. However as double glazing in uPVC windows has developed the energy efficiency of the glass has also improved. At our Doncaster windows factory we are committed to continually improve the performance levels of both our uPVC windows and low-E double glazing.