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At AWM we install uPVC windows and double glazing in Selby. We operate in all areas of Yorkshire, including Selby, York and Doncaster. Contact us today to visit a recent window installation in your area or call us to arrange a window and door quotation.

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The traditional mining town of Selby is home to many listed buildings that are not suitable for replacement upvc windows; however the vast majority of buildings in Selby are not listed but may be within a conservation area. At AWM windows we are happy to liaise with your local planning officers and present you with your design options.

Buildings in Selby range in age upto and over 200 years old; meaning that there are many different property styles in the area. We offer over 30 different uPVC woodgrain colours, meaning that we are able to provide the best design to compliment your property style.

Whether your home in Selby currently fitted with wooden, aluminium, steel or uPVC windows we will be able to advise you on what is the best option for your property style to both keep you warmer and to comply with FENSA regulations. All replacement window and door installations must be installed to comply with building regulations, at AWM we are a FENSA registered window installer.

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Energy Efficient and Acoustic Double Glazing Selby

Selby and surrounding areas are regularly subject to adverse weather conditions such as high winds, freezing temperatures and heavy snow fall. It is therefore advised to install energy efficient windows and double glazing if you live in Selby. Such low-e glass will mean that your property retains much more heat in Winter months as well as not suffering excessive heat gain in Summer months.

At AWM we recommend a minimum energy rating of A for both the uPVC profiles and the double glazing. This is achieved by installing Saint-Gobain soft-coat double glazing instead of hard coat glass such as Pilkington K-Glass; soft coat double glazing units perform far better than hard coat because they retain much more heat by not allowing the heat radiation to pass through the double glazing. Our A-rated upvc double glazing achieves a u-value of 1.2 as standard and can even be upgraded to lower the u-value to as low as 0.9.

Warm edge spacer bar and Argon gas are also advised for replacement double glazing in Selby to further increase the energy efficiency of the double glazing; warm edge spacer is a thick foam material which is used in place of the traditional hollow aluminium spacer bar. The dense foam spacer bar eliminates the conduction of cold temperatures from the external layer of glass by providing a thermal break, meaning that no cold spots will appear on your double glazing.

Security Windows in Selby

Whether you live in a high or low crime area of Derby we strongly recommend installing a high specification locking systems on your new windows and doors. The minimal cost increase will mean that your property is much harder to gain entry to without the correct key. Our range of door and window locks are certified to PAS-24, the most extensive testing criteria for upvc doors available.

At AWM we only install the highest security upvc window locking systems on the market; we currently offer anti-separation reverse-cam locking systems on all of our opening upvc windows installations. The cams are designed in such a way that they cannot separate from the lock keeps and because they operate in opposite directions the windows cannot be lifted from the lock keeps. In addition to this we also install sash jammers (also known as excluder devices) so that the windows cannot be levered from the hinge side.

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For upvc doors in Selby we recommend installing Anti-Snap Cylinder locks, 7-point lock gearing with reverse cams and hook bolts as well as security door hinges and reinforced door panels. All of our windows and doors that are made in Selby are fully reinforced with steel or aluminium to make them as strong as possible, however high security cylinder locks are still required to eliminate the risk of forced entry.

In high crime areas of Selby we also recommend installing laminated or Georgian wire double glazing in order to stop the glass shattering if someone tries to break through the glass. This limits the risk of forced entry by means of breaking the glass units.

FENSA Regulations For Replacement Windows Selby

Building regulations compliance is required in for replacement double glazing and external doors in Selby, window fitters should be FENSA or CERTASS registered to install double glazing in private dwellings. FENSA regulations impact on fire escape, toughened safety glass, ventilation levels and energy efficiency. Some properties in Selby will not be able to meet fire escape regulations due to the size of the window apertures, in which case we will be able to offer the closest solution to comply with building regulations.

At AWM we are FENSA registered window installers and will present you with a FENSA certificate once your installation is complete. This certificate shows that you have complied to the regulations and is required if you decide to sell your property.

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