uPVC Door Security Locks

At AWM Windows in Doncaster we believe in the benefits of high security options; please call us for your free security appraisal. As all areas of Doncaster require different levels of security it is a good idea for us to recommend a specification.

Anti-Snap Cylinder Locks

Burglars are constantly looking for the easiest way to break into a property; and that is the cylinder lock! Burglars will always try to break in through the PVC door cylinder lock first as it can be done in a matter of seconds if they know how. Cylinder locks can be bumped, drilled, picked and snapped; the latest craze is to snap a cylinder lock at it's weakest point which is the cam.

The new Yale Anti-Snap cylinder lock is the only 3-star lock available on the market for a good reason; they have been designed in a way that has taken care of all of the aforementioned entrance techniques.

  1. Anti-Bump - The UAP/Yale cylinder lock has the lock pins arranged in opposing directions so that it can not be bumped. Door lock bumping is now very common in Doncaster and surrounding areas to Doncaster; this is because it is so easy to do. The craze started when internet videos were posted showing people how to bump a lock. With the Yale Anti-Snap Cylinder lock your Doors in Doncaster will be safe from this threat!
  2. Anti-Drill - The Yale anti-snap cylinder lock has reinforced metal dowels inserted into the cylinder housing which are designed to deflect a drill bit away from the lock pins. People will simply drill straight through the lock pins if these are not installed.
  3. Anti-Pick - Because the Anti-Snap lock's pins are in opposite directions they cannot be picked. Lock picking is not the most common choice of break in but at least you will not have to worry about it when you fit the anti-snap lock to your home in Doncaster.
  4. Anti-Snap - The latest and arguably the easiest uPVC door method of entry is to snap the cylinder lock at the cam, burglars will simply smash off the external handle cover and then apply pressure to the lock cylinder with pliers or grips. The cylinder lock will then simply fall to pieces once snapped meaning that the door will be opened. The Yale Anti-Snap cylinder lock has a front facing section that is designed to fail before the cam fails, this will simply snap off leaving the second half of the external lock hidden within the uPVC door profile. The cam is also designed to flex and not to snap off.

uPVC Door Locks

Fitting Anti-Snap Yale locks to your new uPVC door in Doncaster will add to the price but offers the ultimate in peace of mind. Alternatively they can be retro fitted to any existing uPVC door in Yorkshire. Contact Us today for a quotation on new uPVC security doors or replacement locks in Yorkshire.