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Cream uPVC Windows and Doors

At AWM we manufacture Cream uPVC Windows and Doors as well as many other woodgrain foiled uPVC Windows. We hope you find the below images and information helpful; should you require any more images please do not hesitate to contact us.

Types of Cream uPVC Window

A cream uPVC window can be made in a variety of ways; the first of which to be released onto the UK double glazing market was cream coloured uPVC extrusion. This is made to be Cream by the use of coloured dyes which are mixed into the pvc resin during the extrusion process. Historically this method, such as with caramel extrusions, has been known to have some problems with regards to colour fastness compared to the foiled alternative.

Cream Foiled Windows

Foiled window profiles seem to be the desired option in couloured upvc windows, doors and conservatories. The foils are made from a highly durable material, mostly by a company called Renolit. The foils are bonded to the uPVC profiles during the extrusion process, this is know as a co-extruded foiling process.

Cream Sash Windows

Below are some images of recent Cream uPVC sash windows that we have installed, the subtle cream colour of the woodgrain foil offers the look of painted wood. The woodgrain in the foil gives a tasteful texture, almost resembling brush strokes that you would see in a painted wooden window.

Cream uPVC Sash Windows      Cream uPVC Sliding Sash

The beautiful contours of the cream sliding sash windows is perfect for period properties and modern buildings alike. The effortless operation and lack of moving parts means that they are both a joy to use and highly reliable. Our uPVC sliding sash windows are now A-rated as standard, using nylon wool pile gaskets and interlocking sliding sashes to increase energy efficiency.

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