Conservatory Window Frames

A uPVC conservatory window frame looks very similar to any other uPVC window frame installed in your home or place of work. However a conservatory window frame has to withstand much more than a standard uPVC house window. Firstly, it has a thick aluminium ring beam installed which attaches the frames to the conservatory roof, then it has a heavy aluminium roof installed which will either take polycarbonate or glass... not to mention adverse weather conditions and snow loading!

Is it any wonder why uPVC house windows can last forever and a standard cheap uPVC conservatory will be changed ever 10-15 years?..

At AWM of Doncaster we manufacture our uPVC conservatories to last by engineering them to cope with the additional structural demands of the UK climate and the reinforced conservatory roof system. Here's how...

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Fully Welded Window Frames

All of our windows and conservatories made in Doncaster are fully welded, both on the case frames, sash frames, mullions and transoms. This means that there is no movement or security issues with the frames as they are welded to become a single piece of uPVC. Having fully reinforced and fully welded window frames in conservatories in Doncaster is important as the frames become far stronger than standard and are able to carry more weight; during periods of heavy snow fall the conservatory roof will more than double in weight. At AWM windows and conservatories we calculate the maximum snow fall that is expected in your local area of Doncaster and manufacture the conservatory roof to withstand double the minimum requirement.

Elastin Gaskets

uPVC window gaskets are usually the main reason why people decide to replace their double glazing and uPVC windows; this is because the gaskets shrink and become brittle over time meaning that the windows are no longer air tight. Standard upvc window gaskets are made from neoprene, a material used in the manufacture of divers suits, however neoprene has a life expectancy of around 15-20 years when installed in Doncaster conservatories.

At AWM we manufacture our windows in Doncaster from Synseal Synerjy which is manufactured with co-extruded elastin gaskets. Elastin window gaskets do not perish or shrink over time, meaning that you will be able to enjoy your new conservatory for many years after a standard conservatory would need replacing. Elastin is a man made substance which has a similar molecular structure to collagen, therefore the window gaskets do not have a memory and will always return to the original shape in double glazing. Our windows have an internal draught seal and an external weather seal, coupled with the elastin gaskets this means that our windows are entirely draught proof when closed.

Aluminium or Steel?

There has been years of discussion over which is the best metal to use for window frame reinforcement, aluminium is not as strong as steel however aluminium will not rust and perish over time if exposed to water or damp. At AWM we fully reinforce all of our uPVC conservatories in Doncaster with tubular steel to make the frames as strong as possible. We also mill drainage channels into our window frames to ensure that any water is removed from the frames.

Tailored Ring Beam

The Synseal Global conservatory roof system is designed to match the window frame systems in order to create an air tight seal. This means that there can never be any water ingress from the conservatories ring beam. Our Synseal conservatory roofs are a leak-free roofing system; designed to be elegant, practical and to last far longer than other conservatories. For woodgrain conservatories we supply woodgrain foiled aluminium top caps as upvc woodgrain top caps have been known to warp due to the expansion and contraction of darker colours under prolonged sunlight.

Opening Windows

The design of opening windows in conservatories can be discussed during the conservatory quotation process, we are able to visit you in Doncaster or within a 50-mile radius of Doncaster. More opening windows will add cost to the project, however it is strongly recommended to make sure there will be enough ventilation. All of our uPVC windows are made in Doncaster for your new conservatory project and can therefore be customised to your design preferences.

Alternatively you may opt for upvc bi fold doors which allows a much larger door opening compared to French doors; to support the weight of the conservatory roof we use a heavy duty ring beam for bi fold doors. Low-e glass roofs are another option; low-e glass reflects the sun's radiation and means the conservatory will not get too hot in summer and will not lose any heat in the winter.

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