Conservatory Base Yorkshire

At AWM conservatories we strongly believe that the conservatory base is the most critical step in the construction of a high quality conservatory in Yorkshire. Many factors such as local ground conditions, specific house brickwork, footings, base insulation and water drainage all need to be thoroughly planned before you build a conservatory base. It is strongly recommended that you read the following information before committing to a conservatory contractor or attempting a DIY conservatory base.

Conservatory Base Yorkshire      Conservatory Construction Yorkshire

Conservatory Base Construction | Yorkshire

It is strongly recommended to use engineering bricks below the damp course of your new conservatory. Engineering bricks are specially heat treated bricks that are much more durable than standard facing bricks. In cold weather water can soak into facing bricks and if this water freezes it expands which can blow the face off the bricks. This will not happen to engineering bricks as they are not water permeable like facing bricks. Taking the time to install engineering bricks will therefore save you time and money in future.

The new conservatory base should be constructed from the same colour and size bricks as the existing property. Also if you are continuing an existing wall for the conservatory the bricks should be toothed and not simply butted up to the house. 

It is essential to install the correct damp proofing with your new conservatory, especially when installing a concrete base. Damp proof membranes should be installed at DPC level as well as visqueen damp-proof membranes under the concrete floor. This will stop water ingress and internal damp problems.

In areas suffering from excessive water exposure additional steps can be taken to ensure water-tightness; tanking is the process of spraying a rubber membrane onto the internal and external of conservatory walls to ensure that no water can pass through to conservatory interior. In some Doncaster areas houses can sit under the water table and tanking the walls would be recommended, however this does incur additional charges for the process. Areas such as Goole and North Yorkshire have been known to have this problem when installing conservatories so make sure to conduct the proper research before beginning your project.

Conservatory Build | Floor Finishing

It is a good idea to consider using a latex self-leveling compound to finish off the floors in conservatories, this mean that you will be left with a smooth finish which is ideal when planning to tile conservatories. Latex self-leveling compound is expensive in large conservatories due to the amount of materials involved. As standard any conservatories in Doncaster and surrounding areas that we construct will have this feature unless you request otherwise.

Conservatory Floor Insulation

As the north of England suffers from extended periods of cold weather, not just in the Winter months, floor insulation should be installed under the concrete. There are many materials that can be used to insulate the floors in conservatories but we recommend Kingspan insulation or similar high quality insulation rather than polystyrene. This is because the acids in concrete will eat into the polystyrene after time and the water in the concrete will cause the polystyrene to float.

The dense construction of Kingspan insulation means that is is both very strong, thermally efficient and also heavy so that it will not move when concrete is laid on over it. the majority of our conservatory projects opt for this insulation and we recommend visiting one of our installations in the Winter months to see the difference over a standard conservatory base.

Yorkshire Conservatory Survey

There are many other important factors to consider before beginning work on a conservatory. At AWM we are more than happy to survey your property if it is within 50 miles of Doncaster to offer advice and to provide you with a quotation. Alternatively you can call our Doncaster based team or visit us in our Doncaster conservatory factory.

AWM install conservatories in Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire; we would love to hear from you if you are considering a conservatory in future or even if you would simply like some advice as to the practicality of a conservatory on your property.

Contact Us today to book in your initial conservatory design consultation or alternatively you can call us for more information. High quality Conservatories and Conservatory Bases in Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.